Connor Rourke

A scruffy but charming gypsy wheel man on the run from his destiny and everyone else's.



“Whatthehellareyestarin’at? Don’tgivemethatblanklook,yadon’tspeakEnglish? Waswrongwitya?”

Connor looks like something out of a ‘70s cop show and is in denial that the music and clothes of that era are out of fashion. He tends to dress in wide collared shirts and corduroys and his ubiquitous leather jacket. He doesn’t change his clothes often since he is currently living out of a (stolen) car. He is about 6’ tall with a thin, wiry build. He has sandy blond hair that he usually wears in a caesar cut. He has sharp facial features and a cleft chin, usually with light facial stubble. Connor always seems to have a knowing grin on his face.

High concept: Travelling car thief/reluctant emissary of the Morrigan
Running on empty
Other Aspects:
Ramblin’ man
Does anyone understand what the hell he’s saying?
Sins of the father
Drive it like you stole it

Fists; Presence
Deceit; Burglary;
Alertness; Athletics; Survival
Weapons; Rapport; Empathy; Endurance; Craftmanship


(-1) Marked by power (social skills are at a 1 while interacting with the magical community, though Connor thinks it’s just his natural gift of gab)
(-1) Supernatural sense (Connor has uncontrolled flashes of insight about people he meets, especially those close to death.
(-1) Incite emotion (Connor mostly uses this to get people to like and/or trust him, but its true purpose is to incite people to fight, usually to the death)
2) The catch (Connor is not fond of water. Simply being around it makes him uncomfortable. He does bathe, he just hates every moment of it. Three exposures to water is the only way to bring him out of the “Riastrad.” The only way to gain this information is to know Connor personally, so it does not give a discount)
(+6) When he gives in to his temper, Connor goes into a bestial rage called “Riastrad.” While in this battle rage, he gains inhuman strength, inhuman toughness and inhuman recovery.

Rotes: N/A

Magical Items: N/A

Mundane items of note: Knuckle duster (brass knuckles), hurley, lighter, pack of fags.


Connor Rourke was born in 1985 in the commons outside Belfast to a family of Irish travelers. Connor’s mother died when he was only 5, but his father was far from a deadbeat. Declan Rourke was the de facto leader of the small band of travellers, and he was proud to have a strapping young son and taught him about the parts of traveler life on which its reputation was built. Connor found at an early age that he had an affinity for cars, learning quickly how to get in, start and drive one — especially one that wasn’t his.
Connor loved traveller life, but he sometimes thought his father didn’t. He would up and disappear in the middle of the night and not come back for days, leaving Connor to have to pack up the camp and tow the caravan to the next spot. Connor theorized that he might have another family somewhere until Declan returned one night covered in bruises and cuts. Connor’s new theory was that his father was working for the IRA, until the night he spied Declan having a conversation with a raven. It would have been a sure sign that Declan was crazy if Connor hadn’t clearly heard the raven speaking back.
Declan knew that he now had to tell the boy everything, and explained to him what it meant to be an emissary of the Morrigan and heir to the responsibilities of Cu Chulainn. Declan told Connor that when the man died, his son would have to serve the Phantom Queen.
Connor did not fully grasp what this meant until his father was killed by a jealous traveler who wanted control of their small clan. Suddenly, Connor was thrust into a leadership role he wasn’t ready for and simultaneously had a raven suddenly following him around demanding that he run off to specific locations. Though he refused, Connor later found out that the locations were sites of bombings, riots or massive brawls.
On the verge of a nervous breakdown, and feeling woefully incapable of fulfilling any of his responsibilities, Connor left the camp late one night and stowed away on a Royal Navy ship bound for the U.S. After landing in Florida, Connor quickly began travelling again. He headed west, driving stolen cars across the U.S. Finally, he has made his way to Seattle, though he has no idea what he’s going to do once he is staring out across the Pacific. Turn around or find a way to keep running?

Connor Rourke

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