Noskye Iat

No, I'm not Asian but I am Sex Positive!


White Court Madame

Welcome Back Detective!

I Will Survive
Tell Me Your Secrets
The House Always Wins
It isn’t what you know but who you know
Morality is Objective
I know what turns you on

Great (4) Presence, Endurance, Discipline
Good (3) Contacts, Deceit, Rapport
Fair (2) Athletics, Alertness, Resources(Resources as Director are Good)
Avg (1) Fists, Stealth, Might

(-1) Emotional Vampire 189
(-1) Incite Emotion Touch 172
(0) Human Guise 176
(1) Feeding Dependency 190
(-2) Inhuman Recovery catch is true love 185
(-2) Inhuman Speed 178
(-2) Inhuman Strength 183


Skye was able to obtain a Whale totem from her tribe via James Morimoto.
Skye sees it as reminder of who she is as a Makah, ignorant of any mystical aspects.
James Morimoto knows what power it holds.

Office I-phone & I-Pad. Scores of pre-paid cell phones with ever changing numbers.
Upscale Condo in her name. Designer clothes, bags, shoes.


Born 10/31/1970 on the Makah Rez located on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State Skye left home at 15.
Her Makah mother was an abusive drunk and her father, a Raith, was a sperm donor.
Skye found the streets of Seattle harsh and found her trade in the sex industry.
Skye worked her way up catching the attention of some of the minor players in the White Court.
They fancied her as a new play thing.
When her powers manifested they took her under their wing to teach her of her Raith heritage.
Under such influence she had her fist kill at age 17 becoming a full White Court Vampire.
Skye became a part of House Raith’s sex trafficking often times using underage native girls.
The hungers of the White Court inner circle have become strangely selective and dark.
When Skye’s own family were sought after she offered to put a first nation face on the Raith’s non-profit Center for Sex Positive Culture.

As Director of the Center for Sex Positive Culture Skye has used her new resources and existing influence to detour the trafficking of native peoples. She has tried placing many young men and women in half-way houses, work programs and other general employment. But House Raith gets what it wants and she has often times been forced to exploit other minorities. Skye is starting to realize the House always wins.

Noskye Iat

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