It’s gathering on the horizon…

This is Seattle, the Emerald City, shot through a dark and cracked lens. This is a place of ancient feuds, old blood, and eternal hatreds. This is a place of balance gone terribly awry. This city is your home, a place of safety, a place of danger. Right now, there’s no where you’d rather be.

The City has been having a hell of year.

Too cold some days, too hot some nights. People are restless. Buildings seethe with too much energy and there’s a feeling of electricity in the air. There’s a stack of missing persons reports that SPD can do little but shake their head about. Old legends resurface. New stories are being born.

Now, at the start of October, critical mass has been reached. The scales are tipping. The skies above the city are dark with clouds and portents, and everyone knows a heavy rain is about to fall…

Emerald City Blues

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