Morimoto - Session One

I wish I knew why he keeps staring out the windows like that. This should be the kind of thing that makes me ecstatic… he’s being quiet, he’s out of my way, and I know where he is at all times. But there’s a strange glow in his eyes when he stares at the storms, and if I didn’t know better I’d say he seems… anxious? Maybe nervous? This can’t be good. It’s hard to find any information on what this means, but I’ll continue researching just as soon as I close up…

Fuck. Never mind! So, I’d just come back inside from bringing a cup of coffee to the vagabond that apparently lives out of a car behind my shop. Just being nice to him, maybe to dissuade him from robbing me (and making sure I get a good look at him in case he does). I lock up and go to the back for some sandbags, since this odd torrent just won’t stop. I’m gone for less than a minute and all three locks are undone, the door is wide open, and there’s a strange woman passed out on the floor, dripping blood and rainwater everywhere. It’s a very odd wound. As I’m examining her, Disco Stu strolls in from the parking lot and for a brief moment it looks bad. He’s quickly convinced that I’m not to blame for this, however. He seems more worried that I’ll involve the police. I’m glad now that I ignored my initial impulse to kick him off the property. He might be someone I can use professionally, and he seems to be at least vaguely in the know. It’s like the Little Boss always said, “A good criminal gambles with everything, even his instincts.”

We get her to the back, and feeling that I’m pressed for time I activate my Sight. Shifty O’Homeless is shocked at first, but not nearly as much as he should be. Good, I might be right about him. As for the woman, she’s not human. At least, not completely. What the hell is a Kitsune, especially one this powerful, doing here? And what the fuck was able to cut off her tails? I quickly do what I can for her, which is clearly not enough if she’s going to survive. I have only one doctor in my list of contacts that has any supernatural dealings, a Dr. Warburton. From what I remember, he may not be the kind of doctor I need, but he’s all I have right now.

Meanwhile, the tramp, whose name is Connor, goes back out front to lock up and runs into a weird little girl. There’s a creepy horror movie vibe to her, and a strange shiver (strange = blood-curdling) screeches its way along my spine. The roommate makes himself suddenly scarce, and I get the feeling that looking upon her with my Sight would be a very bad thing. Long story short, it’s The Morrigan, and she’s there for Connor. I am both relieved (that she’s not here for me) and terrified (that she’s here at all). The simple act of her exiting my shop leaves me feeling like I’ve dodged a bullet.

The doctor arrives. While I was correct that he can’t offer much help directly, he is able to help identify the creepy little girl in my shop, and offers a few insights that lead me to other possible avenues of help. Also, we do a bit of business, which I won’t go into (as is my standard policy), but I foresee him becoming a repeat customer.

I call both Tee and Sabrina. Tee because there’s no one better at researching odd esoteric shit and she’s frankly who I go to when I have no clue what else to do (and she rarely disappoints), and Sabrina because she (like the bleeding fox) is not quite human and may offer some insights. Once they arrive, the doctor, who knows them both, takes his leave and we begin the daunting task of saving a tail-less Kitsune’s life. With some reluctantly accepted help from my roommate, Tee eventually finds a reference to a transfer of energy that may be possible if we had a White Court Vampire to assist. Luckily, I know someone of that ilk that’s always a pleasure to deal with. I call Noskye Iat.

My favorite Non-Asian hooker arrives quickly, and appears intrigued by the notion of what we’re asking her to do. Shortly thereafter, I leave Ms. Iat in the back room along with the bleeding pseudo-woman and a willing-yet-clueless Connor, so she can do what she does. I hope this works. I hope I can find those tails. And more than anything, I hope I come out of this without losing too much to the Kitsune. That last one seems to me the most doubtful, but hope is made of doubt. If it’s a sure thing you want, you need to use magic…

Morimoto - Session One

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