Good Doctor Session One

The Good Doctor

The day started off like any other, but ended on an odd note. It was pouring rain that day, a little out of character for Seattle, but nothing that seemed too strange at the time. Maxwell gave me the phone toward the later evening, a call from a Mr. Morimoto. He introduced himself, but I already knew of him, as I had heard from a little bird that he was now in charge of a certain curio shop that I had done business with a few years ago. The Little Boss that used to run the place had gone back home, and Mr. Morimoto was now in charge. He sounded a little out of sorts, and said he needed some help with something. I owed the Little Boss a minor favor from when he acquired a piece of the Hoarde for me, so I agreed to meet him.

Maxwell drove us down to the curio shop through the pouring rain, and as I stepped inside I noticed a young girl talking to a shady looking fellow, and Mr. Morimoto was in the back waving me over. The little girl gave me a strange vibe, and when I looked at her with Apophis Eyes’ she Looked back. She was a woman with striking features, carrying a strange blade, and the room seemed filled with ravens. I hadn’t seen anything with nearly this much power before, and I gave Her a respectful bow and hurried back to Mr. Morimoto.

He didn’t seem to know who the girl was, though I later learned it was the Morrigan. A frightening prospect to think a demi-god is hanging around town. I’d heard plenty of stories about the Morrigan, and i didn’t really want to find out if any of them were true.

Mr. Morimoto greeted me, and then ushered me back to a room where there was a girl. He said this woman had been possessed by a Kitsune spirit, but that the spirit’s power had been stolen by removing the spirit’s tails. A quick glimpse with the Eyes confirmed she was indeed greatly weakened and bleeding what small amount of power she had left out. Maxwell confirmed the medical side of things. Mr. Morimoto wanted my help in the matter, though I’m not sure why he thought I could help. He ended up calling a few more people over, several of whom I knew, but no one seemed any more able to help. At some point the fellow who was talking to the Morrigan came back and said something unintelligible and vaguely insulting to me. Damned Mick.

After it seemed there would be no more direct information about this issue, I spoke to Mr. Morimoto about why I had originally wanted to meet him, finding of the Hoarde. He actually had a piece in his shop, a small coin, which I purchased from him. I gave him the list of things I was looking for and he told me he would keep an eye out. Right around 11pm the rain, which had been pouring down in sheets, abruptly stopped, as if someone turned the hose off. Bloody odd that was, but I decided to take my leave. I’ll see if my contacts can turn anything up for Mr. Morimoto, as it would be nice to clear the Little Boss’ debt, but won’t hold my breath.

Good Doctor Session One

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