Trista "Tee" Reeds

A holy crusader that refuses to deal with the forces of darkness without her triple-shot-half-soy-organic-fair-trade-latte.


“Aren’t my stockings adorable? No, I didn’t find them in the trash, I made them!” -Tee

At first glance Tee looks like just another tragically fashionable youth drawn to the sub culture of PBR, American Spirits and terrible music. However, under the overpriced clothing and overdone hair is an unbreakable will and an insatiable curiosity that have driven this young woman into much more than a kegger at the local frat house. Her lust for obscure knowledge and rare artifacts has become more than just a hobby, it has become her calling. It is her duty to find the lost items and forgotten texts of Christian martyrs, saints and prophets for the good of the church as well as the people who are blindly staggering through this dark world. If you ask her, she’s the only one who can do it.

Tee stands just under 5’10" and has always been a little thin for her height. Her hair may change on a weekly basis from long to short, black to red to brown, bangs to no bangs, etc. depending on “her mood” (see also latest trends). She works at an antique/book shop called “You’ve Never Read This” as a cashier/procurer of merchandise/customer service and tends to keep a large amount of personal property onsite. She is 28 years old and lives alone in a studio apartment just down the street from her work.

“This may be all part of a plan laid out by the Higher Power, but this still really sucks.” -Tee

High concept: Holy Hipster Historian
Trouble: The Usual Suspect
Other Aspects:

  • Familiar Face
  • The Lord Is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want
  • You’ve Probably Never Heard Of It
  • It’s All Part Of His Plan
  • A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

“Did you ever hear of Saint Amari the Chaste? No? Of course not.” -Tee


  • Superb: Scholarship
  • Great: Conviction, Lore
  • Good: Deceit, Investigation
  • Fair: Burglary, Discipline, Contacts
  • Average: Alertness, Rapport, Stealth, Weapons, Presence

“It’s ok, I can totally do this! The whole Holy Moly Mojo really kicks ass sometimes!” -Tee


  • (-1) Bless this house
  • (-1) Guide my hand
  • (-1) Holy touch
  • (-2) Righteousness
  • (-1) Devout words

Rotes: N/A

Magical Items: A red crystal pendant in the shape of a heart, attuned to James Morimoto’s presence.

Mundane items of note: A plain looking knife she keeps concealed in her boot.


Trista "Tee" Reeds

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