Sabrina Uisce

Half nixie, half human 23 year old who was raised by the Fae and recently escaped from the Nevernever. Need something "recovered"? She's your lady.


High concept: Half Nixie of the Winter Court
Trouble: Runaway of Mab
*Paranoid is my middle name.
*How is this a bad thing?
*This might work…
*Ooo… Shiny!
*Small favors for allies

Superb: Stealth
Great: Burglary, Discipline
Good: Investigation, Alertness
Fair: Lore, Weapons, Deceit
Average: Fists, Survival, Craftsmanship, Athletics, Conviction

Stunts and Powers
(-1) Paranoid? Probably.:+2 Alertness vs surprise.
(-1) Listening: +4 Investigation when listening, but other senses dim.
(-1) Water Breathing: Nixie trait.
(-2) Glamour: seemings and veils for self or small groups.
(-2) World Walker: innate ability to open rifts between the world and the Nevernever
(-0) The Catch- Cold Iron: Allergic reaction to Iron after using Fae magic… for now.


Magic Items

Mundane Items of Note
Two silver knives in hip sheathes and one steel knife tucked into her boot in case of emergency. A set of lock picks in her bag along with an extra set of clothes. Some cash on her and a hidden safe in her loft with the rest.


Sabrina was raised in the court of the illustrious Mab. Her mother, Linet, a handmaiden of Mab’s had the joy of seducing a visitor of the court who bartered his release for the gift of a child. Sabrina grew up as a servant to Linet and the court. Since she was a gift, she was tolerated in the background of Mab’s presence so long as she drew no attention. After her 20th birthday, she longed more and more for a way out of the cruelty of Winter’s clutches. The ever cold and sadistic court held nothing but pain, bitterness and paranoia for Sabrina.

It was then that the Doctor came.

Once the pair had tricked and escaped with hides barely attached, Sabrina settled as well as she could in the mundane world. As stealthy as she had been around Mab, she found all she had to do was apply it to a new trade. Recovering and discovering expensive goods for herself- and others on occasion- seemed as good of means as any to her. She’s spent the last year trying to be more human and shed any of the Fae from her as possible.

Sabrina Uisce

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