His Lordship, Dr. James Avery Warburton III

Rich socialite with a supernatural agenda


His Lordship, Dr. James Avery Warburton III is from an old english family with a lot of money. He stands around 5’11" and weighs 170 lbs, with very patrician facial features and sandy brown hair. His eyes are a brilliant shade of emerald, and he keeps his face shaven smooth and his hair styled no matter where he might find himself.

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  • High concept: Emissary of Apophis

  • Trouble: Recover the Hoarde

  • Aspects: Heir to the Warburton Legacy

  • Gentleman Antiquities Thief Extraordinaire

  • Scales of a Dead God

  • Filthy Rich Dilettante

  • Forked Platinum Tongue
  • Skills
  • Superb +5: Resources
  • Great +4: Discipline, Presence
  • Good +3: Contacts, Lore
  • Fair +2: Empathy, Scholarship, Conviction
  • Average +1: Deceit, Alertness, Rapport, Endurance, Athletics
  • Stunts and Powers
  • Marked By Power[-1]
  • Filthy Lucre[-1]
  • Add 2 to Resources rolls when used for illicit purposes (bribes and the like)
  • The Weight of Reputation [-1]
  • Substitute Presence for Intimidation if the target knows of your reputation
  • Supernatural Senses[-1]
  • Can see the origin of power for people, places, and things
  • Scales of a Dead God (Item of Power):[-3]
  • [+1] Scales are concealable and look like a body modification lining up with a serpent tattoo on his body
  • [-2] Channeling (Sand) (Sponsored Magic)
  • [-2] Ritual (Purviews of Apohpis – Darkness, Chaos, Destruction, Natural Disasters)
  • Rotes
  • Corrosion: Attack with a Strength of 1 on a zone, used to erase trace evidence and damage sensitive equipment
  • Sand Blast: Attack with a Strength of 2 to a specific person or thing
  • Commune:

  • Magic Items
  • Scarab Bracelet; Applies a Great Strength (+3) sticky maneuver on the scene of “Sand Everywhere”, lasts 15 min (a typical scene length). Can be used 3 times per session. Uses 4 Enchanted Item slots.
  • Sands of Time; Can be used to grant a 5 Strength Block against physical or magical attacks, 3 times per session. Uses 4 Enchanted Item Slots.
  • Mundane Items of Note
  • Whatever I want… I’m rich biatch!


  • Bio:

    Born to wealth and power, like a duck is born to water. His Lordship, Dr. James Avery Warburton III is heir to the wealthiest family in England. While there are many noble families with more influence and power in England, none can hold a candle to the might of the Warburton’s financial strength. The only child of Lord James Avery Warburton II and the late Lady Janet Mercedes Bryce, James is the third son to bear the family name and is heir to the financial might of the Warburton’s varied investments. His father, currently a Baron of Great Britain, maintains the Warburton Empire, fulfilling his role as a shareholder is some of the world’s wealthiest businesses.

    Much like his father before him, James enjoyed a very privileged and carefree life during his early years. His constant friend and eventual bodyguard, Maxwell Carington III, sharing it with him. After graduating from a private high school, he went on to the University of Cambridge, while Maxwell joined the SAS. There he received an education in business, politics, and finance, but also in history. Once he and Maxwell were reunited, Maxwell now taking on the role of his valet and bodyguard, the excitement truly began. Inheriting some of his father’s more roguish contacts, he set out to use his wealth and power to find interesting artifacts through mostly legal means. It was during the last such incident that his life would change forever.

    Those who heard about Jame’s investment, his visit to the Egyptian dig site, and his return don’t know what happened. But he came back a changed man. More confident, more powerful, more driven. Now he bent his knowledge and resources to tracking down certain Egyptian, Grecian and Roman artifacts. He also became involved in supernatural matters after that time, and something certainly seems to have taken an interest in him. His investments and interest in Egyptian artifacts, earned him an honorary Doctorate from the University of Cairo, though there are many in academia that were insulted by this.

    Stranger still, he had a run in with the White Council a few years later in England, and while no one but James and the Wardens know precisely what happened, he came out of it seemingly untouchable by the White Council’s secret police. After acquiring his latest piece of antiquity, he ran afoul a few legal issues, but is certain they will be sorted out soon enough. In the meantime, he has decided to take a vacation across the pond to his family’s home in Seattle.

    James has been abroad quite a bit the last five years since the trip that changed him, but he looks forward to a bit of rest and relaxation in Seattle.

    His Lordship, Dr. James Avery Warburton III

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