Allanah Berring

Statuesque and dark haired, with vibrant green eyes Allanah's natural beauty is only enhanced by the ancient Kitsune currently sharing her body.


High Concept: Body Bound Fox-Spirit
Trouble: Too Many Secrets
Other Aspects: Foxy Lady, Between Two Worlds

  • Alertness: Great (+4)
  • Athletics: Good (+3)
  • Burglary: Good (+3)
  • Conviction: (Fair (+2)
  • Deceit: Superb (+5)
  • Discipline: Good (+3)
  • Fists: Fair (+2)
  • Lore: Great (+4)
  • Presence: (Good +3)
  • Rapport: Great (+4)
  • Scholarship: Fair (+2)
  • Stealth: Superb (+5)


  • Liar, Liar: +2 to Deceit rolls.
  • Paranoid? Probably.: +2 Alertness vs. surprise.
  • Corner of My Eye: 2 additional shifts on passive Alertness checks.
  • Hairpin Maestro: Reduce increased difficulty due to poor tools when trying to pick locks by up to two.
  • Honest Lies: +2 to lies that contain a bit of truth, no matter how small.
  • Pick-Pocket: May use Deceit for the purpose of pick pocketing.
  • Takes One to Know One: Use Deceit instead of Empathy to catch someone in a lie.
  • Sex Appeal: +2 to seduction rolls if someone could be receptive to your advances.

Hengeyokai Mahou [-4]
Inhuman Speed [-2]
Mimic [-2]
The Catch 2] is cold iron.
Body-Bound [


Body-Bound: Normally, when a kitsune uses their Mimic ability, they can either perfectly mimic a human form and voice that they’ve met before (though they often “spice up” the human if they find them to be too dull), or using an ability that places a call to a phone, they can become that person temporarily. This displaces the human mind and soul (intact and unharmed) somewhere in the Nevernever until the fox spirit leaves, and then human returns, aware of what has transpired.

In Allanah’s case, since the kitsune’s tails were cut off while the Mimic was active, it effectively ended the power, but not the kitsune’s possession. Now Allanah is both the woman and the fox, and until her power is restored, she will be stuck like this. The fact the she is bound to a single body prevents the use of Mimic and also limits her mahou.

Total Refresh Cost: -11


Allanah lead a normal life as a legal secretary, and everything was fine until she answered a phone call that changed, and almost ended, her life.

Now she is possessed by the spirit of an ancient kitsune whose tails were forcibly removed, and is currently in critical condition in the Falling Sun, her life saved by the quick work of James Morimoto.

Allanah Berring

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