• Connor Rourke

    Connor Rourke

    A scruffy but charming gypsy wheel man on the run from his destiny and everyone else's.
  • His Lordship, Dr. James Avery Warburton III

    His Lordship, Dr. James Avery Warburton III

    Rich socialite with a supernatural agenda
  • James Morimoto

    James Morimoto

    If it's magical and can be bought or sold, the proprietor of Falling Sun is the man to talk to...
  • Noskye Iat

    Noskye Iat

    No, I'm not Asian but I am Sex Positive!
  • Sabrina Uisce

    Sabrina Uisce

    Half nixie, half human 23 year old who was raised by the Fae and recently escaped from the Nevernever. Need something "recovered"? She's your lady.
  • Trista "Tee" Reeds

    Trista "Tee" Reeds

    A holy crusader that refuses to deal with the forces of darkness without her triple-shot-half-soy-organic-fair-trade-latte.
  • Allanah Berring

    Allanah Berring

    Statuesque and dark haired, with vibrant green eyes Allanah's natural beauty is only enhanced by the ancient Kitsune currently sharing her body.